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Corral, Organize & Elevate Objects of the Everyday to Things of Beauty.

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Stay Stylish And Organized

Showcasing or organizing? No matter what the task, this versatile and simple home decor accessory intrigues with its wide range of possibilities. Check out some of our inspirations and impress with your own ideas!

  • Breakfast Elegance

    Corral a few cups and saucers on a colorful decorative tray adorned with a nice small piece of art and enjoy such an elegant start in your day.

    Yocaly Blue Decorative Tray Stages a Small Coffee Bar
  • Useful Vignette

    Place a small decorative tray right beside the kitchen stove so it helps you keep the essentials for your culinary art neat and tidy at hand.

    Yocaly Pink Decorative Tray Corrals Cooking Ingredients & Herbs
  • Welcoming Entry

    Adorne your entry with a curated composition on a lovely decorative tray and create not only a landing-place for your keys when coming home but also a lovely and chic vignette to greet your guests.

    Yocaly Gray Decorative Tray Showcases a Small Entry Vignette
  • Streamlined Bathroom

    Use a decorative tray to hold hand towels and soap and give your bathroom counter a streamlined look.

    Yocaly Red Decorative Tray Showcases a Welcoming Bathroom Vignette

What makes the Yocaly decorative tray special?

The fact that we put a great deal of love and thought into every small detail.
No Fingerprints

No matter how many hands will handle the tray, their fingers will leave no traces on the glossy finish.

Tray with Personality

A bold and unusual motive pared with a fashionable color create a tray that is an eye-catcher of its own.

Build with Care

Organic and sustainable fibers make the core of the tray that is clad into a beautiful design.

No Scratches

Your furniture will love it!
The soft surface of the tray will leave no scratches when you slide it around.

Fine Details

The thoughtfully designed edge not only keeps your coffee cups from sliding of, but makes it easy to center the tray when desired.


With only 6,2 ounces the tray feels feather-light in your hand but is robust enough to carry 11 pounds of your beloved things.

Color gives the home a little bit of magic

The Yocaly Decorative Tray comes in four beautiful fashion colors to inspire you. Each color has its own personality, excites different emotions and moods. Read on and find out which one compliments best your mood and your home.

Aurora Red

Aurora Red is daring yet sensual red. An exciting and dynamic color - like a rare red polar light. Aurora Red breeds unmistakable confidence.

Two Yocaly Red Decorative Trays

Sharkskin Gray

Sharkskin is edgy yet elegant gray. It showcases a contemporary practicality. The coolness of this gray compliments every color.

Two Yocaly Gray Decorative Trays

Bodacious Pink

Bodacious is bold and audacious pinkish-purple. It is exciting and great, exceptionally impressive and distinctively sexy. With Bodacious accents become statements.

Two Yocaly Pink Decorative Trays

Riverside Blue

Riverside is a blue from the river. It is, like its inspiration, cool and calming, strong and stable. Riverside displays a subtle vibrancy and sophistication.

Two Yocaly Blue Decorative Trays

We love your feedback!

The trays arrived wonderfully packed. They look great!
Actually, I wanted to give one of them away as a gift, but now I think I'll keep both trays myself.

The picture on the tray is very attractive and beautiful. I'll keep the tray in the living room from now on where it will be at hand for me.

Yocaly Gray Decorative Tray Used to Serve  Breakfast